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Make your sensational broadcasting moments unforgettable with a CyberPowerPC Streaming setup

Live streaming has become a major part of how we all consume content, with people tuning in to everything from gameplay sessions and live events to watching influencers interact in their everyday lives. But as streaming continues to evolve, so too does our understanding of it. Gone are the days where streaming is a gated community for Twitch Stars and celebrity statuses, now it's an open network for everyone to enhance their online experience and find new communities of friends to play, learn and have fun with.

Streaming is all about performance; to truly revel as an active streamer, you'll need the right PC. And that's where we come in. At Cyberpower, we blend the highest quality components with an unbeatable cost to bring you a range of ways to customise a high-end, streaming PC.

If you're not a pro, then we've got your back. This page will outline the essentials for setting up an optimal streaming setup, and if you still need help, our team of specialists will help finalise your spec so you walk away with your dream Streaming PC.

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Streamer Infinity Streaming PC

Windows 11 Home (64-bit Edition) Intel® Core™ i5-14400F 32GB DDR5 5200mhz Memory MSI GeForce RTX™ 4060 Ti 8GB MSI PRO Z790-S WIFI ATX Motherboard 1TB Corsair MP600 Core XT PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD

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Streamer Ultra Streaming PC

Windows 11 Home (64-bit Edition) AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600X 6-Core CPU 16GB DDR4 3200mhz Memory MSI GeForce RTX™ 4060 Ti 8GB MSI B550-A Pro ATX Motherboard 1TB Corsair MP600 Core XT PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD

9 Reviews

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£1104.00 (£920 ex. VAT)

Streamer Infinity Pro Streaming PC

Windows 11 Home (64-bit Edition) Intel® Core™ i7-14700KF 32GB DDR5 5200mhz Memory MSI GeForce RTX™ 4070 12GB MSI PRO Z790-S WIFI ATX Motherboard 2TB Corsair MP600 Core XT PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD

25 Reviews

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£1789.20 (£1491 ex. VAT)
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JayPlays is a Twitch ambassador who plays Grand Theft Auto or GTA to most of us. Streaming since 2017, his antics within the GTA role playing servers are hilarious. Go check him out for yourself.

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DEFAC3D is a popular content creator who streams GTA RP on the No Pixel server. He's a passionate gamer from the UK who turned his hobby into a full-time career. DEFAC3D has built a loyal following on Twitch with his immersive gameplay and entertaining content.

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Types of Streaming

There is an array of reasons to live stream your online activity, from pursuing it as a casual hobby to establishing your own personal brand. Although PC gaming makes up the majority of the live streaming market, it's not the only style of content viewers crave to take part of.

A PC gamer's streaming setup

PC Gaming Streaming

If you're going to be broadcasting yourself playing the latest games to a live audience, then you need a rig that can handle the graphical intensity of modern gaming as well as the processing power required to record, stream & edit simultaneously. Whereas Console streaming may allow for more budget friendly hardware, if you're looking for that high octane, gaming and streaming PC experience, then a rig equal in graphical and processing prowess is required.

A console gamer's streaming setup

Console Gaming Streaming

So, you're a Console gamer looking to stream your favourite games from your PS4, Xbox or Switch console to a live captivated audience. If this is the case, you're going to need a system capable of streaming, editing & rendering. As you're playing these games on a console, you don't exactly require a top-of-the-line GPU. This enables the processor as the main focal point of the system. Arguably of equal importance, if you're looking to stream at high resolutions with the lowest latencies then you're going to want a top-of-the-line capture card to go along with your system.

A in-real life streamer's setup

IRL Streaming

If you're an IRL Streamer and don't want to be tied down to one streaming category, then you should be looking at a rig with great flexibility. If you're streaming out in the wild or hosting a live talk show, you're going to want a system that can handle high resolution editing along with some capable memory and a CPU alike. With IRL streaming, it's not about your performance in game, it's about showcasing that distinctive personality that keeps viewers tuning in for more! And what better way to help facilitate this than some top grade streaming equipment such as a microphone, stream deck & webcam.

A CyberpowerPC UK streaming Desktop with monitor showing a first person shooting game.

Stream Your Favourite Games

To ensure your Gaming PC for Streaming is up to scratch, we promise to provide you the best components on the market, guaranteeing a high performing system that can handle the demand of any new game and broadcasting software.

Record, stream, and share your gameplay across the world through streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and many more.

Make Streaming Your Passion

Whether you want to live stream your music talent, niche creative hobbies or share a curious topic in the Live Chatting category then you need to ensure you have the right equipment.

We promise to provide a seamless setup so you can record, create and stream your passion anytime, anywhere.

Twitch homepage, YouTube homepage and Facebook Gaming homepage
A Streaming Set up with numbers labelling the core components and peripherals for a streaming setup.

The Streaming Setup

The key parts of streaming

For the ultimate PC streaming setup, you'll need a great combination of streaming peripherals and a high-end streaming computer.


1. CPU

The CPU is the main number-crunching 'brain' of a system. It's what programs (by-and-large) run on though it does occasionally call upon the aid of other processing units. The CPU is also one of the most important components when it comes to editing & rendering videos.

A Graphics Card

2. GPU (Graphics Card)

The Graphics card's (GPUs) job is to process high-quality images to the screen as quickly as possible. Ideally, it needs to do this sixty or more times per second (60fps) if you want that crisp, smooth streaming experience. The GPU is of high importance if you're looking to stream the likes of recent AAA games.

A Capture Card

3. Capture Card

A capture card is a physical device commonly used to 'capture' gameplay footage from a console or even another PC. The footage can either be streamed live to your desired streaming platform or saved to be edited and uploaded as a video. Capture cards can take the strain away from your system, reducing stuttering & improving stream stability.



A webcam is a digital camera that connects to a computer and streams video in real-time. Plenty of streamers stream without a webcam, but if you are an aspiring IRL streamer, a webcam is an essential piece of hardware used to showcase that vibrant personality to your audience.


5. Microphone

Discrete microphones are excellent for streamers. How else will you efficiently captivate that live audience or defend yourself against chat as you repeatedly fail at what they see as an easy game? If you want something that plugs straight into your computer, look for a mic with a digital USB connector. Often higher microphone quality correlates to higher stream quality; keep that in mind.

Stream Deck

6. Stream Deck

A stream deck is a small control panel with various buttons, which can be customised to fit the user's needs. Stream decks have become a staple for any aspiring streamer as they provide seamless in-stream functions such as scene changes or even soundboard functions without the need to tab out of your session.

Key Light

7. Key Light

If you're looking for the best face-cam quality for your streams, a key light is another essential piece of kit. Key lights ensure your face is evenly lit, increasing visual quality & enabling a more professional looking stream.


8. Periperals

Having the smaller parts of a streaming setup is also important. This can be things like a headset, keyboard, or a gaming mouse. Without your favourite peripherals, your gaming/streaming setup is not complete.

Nvidia GeForce RTX Graphics

Stream like a Pro with NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX

GeForce RTX graphics cards put the power of real-time ray tracing and AI-powered capabilities into your hands, giving you the ultimate solution for next-level content creation. and streaming.



Elgato Peripherals are the No.1 Choice for Content Creators to Stream. Record. Create.

Elgato Stream Deck

Elgato Stream Deck

Intuitive keyboard for live streaming

Create engaging content with ease without ever having to leave your screen. This remote's One-touch, tactile operation lets you switch scenes and launch media while confirming your every command with visual feedback. This level of control was once exclusive to mainstream entertainment broadcasters, but now it's right at your fingertips!

Elgato Capture Card

Elgato Capture Card

Record, Stream & Create instantly

With an Elgato capture card at your disposal, you can harness the potential of your device to swiftly record, produce, and retrieve your content. You can effortlessly capture striking contrasts between bright and dark areas, include a separate audio track for convenient post-processing, and even revisit past events to preserve remarkable moments retrospectively.

Elgato Ring Light

Elgato Ring Light

Dramatically improve your production

Elgato's signature edge-lit LED design is a marvel of precision engineering and visual elegance. With state-of-the-art lighting technology and flawless connectivity, this innovation will illuminate your camera feed for hours on end, delivering the professional streaming setup you've always desired.

Build Your Own Streaming PC

Ready to build your Streaming setup? You've come to the right place. At CyberPowerPC UK, we have a range of ways to purchase your dream Streaming Setup that is all professionally assembled, quality controlled, and stability tested. From our customisable specs to our prepacked, high-end bundles. Whatever you decide, we'll always guarantee an excellent level of service quality and value to ensure you receive the highest performing system on the market, backed up by unrivalled support.

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We work directly with the component manufacturers to be the first to offer you the most extensive range of components in the UK market at an unbeatable cost.

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Quality Controlled

Before being Shipped, each Streaming PC is professionally assembled, quality controlled, and stability tested by our professional team.

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Warranty & Tech Support

You'll receive a standard warranty of 5-year parts and labour and a lifetime of technical support for your PC.

Streamer Ultra Pro Streaming PC

Windows 11 Home (64-bit Edition) AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600X 6-Core CPU 32GB DDR4 3200mhz Memory MSI GeForce RTX™ 4070 12GB MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk ATX Motherboard 2TB Corsair MP600 Core XT PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD

4 Reviews

Free UK Delivery
£1514.40 (£1262 ex. VAT)

Custom Streaming PCs | CyberPowerPC UK FAQs

How to stream on Twitch to PC?

Twitch Studio is the perfect tool for quickly setting up your stream and going live. The Twitch studio tutorial will walk you through adjusting audio inputs, connecting to a webcam or headset microphone (for video), finding an accustomed resolution size that works well with both clarity of content delivery as well as aesthetics on screen at any given time during gameplay exposure periods - all within one simple interface!

To make sure you have the best experience possible on Twitch, we recommend that all broadcasters adhere to these requirements.

A solid internet connection is necessary for your broadcast.
Streaming software will allow users of any device or platform access through their web browser - including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets!
A machine that will run your content needs top performance from its cpu/gpu + ram so it can stay online during peak hours when there's lots going down at once.

How to stream Xbox to PC?

You'll need to connect your HDMI out of the Xbox One console with an external video capture device in order to stream live gameplay. You can either use one monitor if you want both software feed and game play on display at once, but a better experience. It's best to have two monitors.

How to stream Nintendo Switch to PC?

Dock your Nintendo Switch, and then using a HDMI cable connect the input to your capture card. Using a USB cable connect your capture card to your computer. From there your capture card will record, save and stream your game play straight to your PC.

What is the best streaming software to use?

With the number of streaming software options growing exponentially, it's hard to keep up with everything out there. Here is a list of some popular and powerful ones you should consider using in 2022: OWN3D Pro OBS Studio, Streamlabs, OBS, LightStream, vMix, XSplit Broadcaster, Gamecaster, Nvidia Shadowplay and Wirecast.

What is a dual PC streaming setup?

Dual PC streaming was considered the best way to maximize your performance, with two separate computers, one for gaming and another solely used as a broadcasting station. However, with modern components like the 30 series GPUs, the latest Intel and AMD CPUs, and the launch of DDR5 RAM, one PC with a capture card will be powerful enough to stream, create, game and anything else you do on your computer.