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At CyberPowerPC UK, we pride ourselves on buidling high-quality, high-performance PCs, Workstations and Servers for all your business needs. Get in contact with our team of experts to discuss a bespoke business package.

A member of the custom service team going through the Cyberpower PC UK website

Who we are

Meet the Team

We are the UK operation of the renowned US Custom PC manufacturer, CyberPowerPC. Based in Gateshead, near Newcastle, for over the last two decades, our team has grown year-on-year, establishing a team of passionate builders and tech experts and becoming a national name in the System Integration industry with vast global backing from leading technology brands like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.

A PC builder, building a PC for our Business clients

What we do

Build the Best PCs

We aim to provide you with the best PC system for your needs and, importantly, your budget. With our extensive global contact list and various tax-efficient payment options, we can manufacture a range of custom-built systems to suit any company's requirements - from Workstation laptops to high-performing PCs and Servers.

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What we offer

Everything you need

Custom PCs & Workstations: Built to tackle highly demanding technical tasks, like Architecture, Engineering, Complex 3D rendering, AI Deep learning, and top-quality video production.
Office Desktops: designed to offer simplicity, efficiency and affordability suitable for home and office use.
Custom Laptops: customisable memory and storage options, giving you an unbeatable performance to create and work on the go.
Lightweight Laptops: designed for convenience, portability, and the ultimate sleekness to guarantee unrivalled productivity - anytime, anywhere.
Intel Nucs & MSI Cubi PCs: a highly compact and customisable small form factor computer designed for various uses such as gaming, home entertainment, digital signage, or home office

Business Relationships

Great relationships build thriving businesses. To accommodate this, we'll assign you a personal Account Manager (AM) to ensure you receive the best quality service and support throughout your entire sales experience with us.

Account Manager
Account Manager

Your assigned AM will receive your quote and get in contact to discuss your finance options and spec requirements.

Confirm Order
Confirm Order

Once you're happy, your AM will process the order with our Finance department and send your spec requirements to our production team.

Build Order
Build Order

We'll give you an ETA before assigning your order to an expert builder. Once they're finished, we'll move your build to Quality Control to check your PC is running correctly before sending it to the packaging department.

Delivering Order
Delivering Order

Once your order is packed. With our third-party courier service, you'll receive an SMS or phone call with an estimated delivery timeslot.

Technical Support
Technical Support

We offer a range of warranty options and lifetime support for all CyberPower PCs. Our highly trained technical support experts and service team are here to help with any technical issues you may encounter.

Minimising Downtime
Minimising Downtime

If there is an incident in which we cannot fix your technical issue over the phone, we will offer you a *free PC loan with a next-day swap service to ensure minimal downtime for your operation.

*We will require a small deposit for your PC loan, which will be refunded once we've fixed your PC. For credit account options, please speak to your AM.

The Benefit of

Buying from us

- Credit Accounts available, provided by Allianz
- Most extensive range of components on the market
- Dedicated Account Manager
- PC loan to minimise downtime

A memeber of the CyberPowerPC UK team of PC specialists
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