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UK's Cutting-Edge PC Builder Tool

At CyberPowerPC UK, we understand that building a gaming PC can be challenging. That's why we've developed the BUILDMYPC tool, a user-friendly platform enabling you to build a PC in five easy steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Gaming PC Type - This will help you identify the best components to get the most out of your favourite games.

Step 2: Select Your Budget - Next, you can set your budget for your PC build. This helps ensure you only see components and systems that fit your financial parameters.

Step 3: Choose Your Games - Select the games you want on your gaming PC. The tool will help you identify the components that best perform your favourite games.

Step 4: Choose Your Components - You can customise your PC further by selecting your preferred major component brands, such as Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA. This step will help you to choose the best components that match your preferences.

Step 5: Get a range of PC specs - Once you've provided all the information, the tool will generate a customised list of PCs matching your preferences. You can then choose the spec that best fits your needs and budget.

This tool makes building a PC easy and accessible, regardless of your technical expertise. You can enjoy complete control over your PC build with the added assurance that our customer support team can assist you at every step. With CyberPowerPC UK's BUILDMYPC tool, you can start your gaming journey and build your dream gaming PC today.

Need Help Building your PC?

If you need help building your PC or want to learn more about our 5-year warranty, why not talk to our experienced PC Builders? Get in contact with our service team today.