About Us

A CyberPowerPC UK team member on the phone to a customer

Who is CyberPowerPC UK?

Initially founded in the United States, Cyberpower Inc is one of the leading brands in the competitive US computer market, with vast global backing from leading technology brands such as Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Asus and Microsoft. We aim to deliver the most up-to-date hardware for your needs at wholesale prices and bring the well-renowned name of Cyberpower Inc to the UK as CyberPowerPC UK.

With vision, commitment and determination, we can manufacture a vast range of custom-built PC systems to suit the needs of any individual or company. Our PC systems are built with utmost care and attention as we strive towards making this our profession and our obsession.

Why We're The Best in the Business
World Leading Custom PC manufacturer


Custom PC Manufacturer
Launch Partner for AMD, Intel, NVIDIA

Launch Partner

For AMD, Intel & NVIDIA
Largest Range of components in the UK

Largest Range

of PC Parts in the UK
Over 20 Years experience in PC manufacturing

Years of Experience

in PC Manufacturing

What can CyberPowerPC UK Do For You?

With our massive global contact list of manufacturers, we can literally build a PC for every need possible. Ranging from the ultimate gaming rig, to the stand alone office system, we endeavour to create the best possible PC system for your needs, and importantly your budget. With our extensive list of component choices, we guarantee you will be able to create the PC of your dreams, exactly how you imagined it to be!

A CyberPowerPC UK Builder
A CyberPowerPC UK Builder
A CyberPowerPC UK Builder packing a PC
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What Do We Offer?
Expertly Built and Shipped from the UK

Expertly Built

And shipped from the UK
5-year free warranty with every PC

5 Year Warranty

For Free with Every PC
Free delivery to the UK mainland

Free Delivery

To the UK Mainland
A Lifetime of Techincal Supper

A Lifetime Of

Technical Support
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