FireCuda SSD

Seagate FireCuda SSD
FireCuda SSD

Dominate with Ferocious Speed

Upgrade your Gaming Experience

Take your data to the next level of performance, reliability, and efficiency with one of our FireCuda® solid-state drives. FireCuda® SSD solutions are designed and built specifically with the needs of professional-level gamers in mind. Go further with a gaming SSD built for dustry-leading speed, sustained abuse, lowest latency, and superior gaming.

Waste No Time

Performance has a new name-FireCuda 540 SSD. With speeds up to 10,000MB/s, this PCIe Gen5 takes no prisoners, toppling Gen4 speeds by 50% and going 17 times faster than SATA SSDs. It’s has up to 4TB of storage and is built to power through constant abuse-handling upwards of 3940TB total bytes writen. This SSD isn’t for the faint of heart.

Why Choose FireCuda 540 SSD?

Full Tilt Speeds

Up to 1000MB/s means the full power of PCIe Gen5 speeds are yours to wield.


Built to Last

Up to 2000TB TBW means you can write and delete 90% of the drive capacity, every day, for five years.


Faster. Faster. Faster

Transfer speeds up to 50% faster than PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs and up to 17x faster than SATA SSDs.

Faster Gaming with PCIe Gen4

Unleash the speed of PCIe 4.0 x4 with FireCuda 520 PCIe Gen4 SSD, the M.2 NVMe SSD built for pro-level gaming and nearly 45% faster than previous generations. This solid-state gaming drive is out-of-the-box compatible with the new X570 chipset and easily plugs directly into any PCIe Gen4 motherboard for a compact performance boost to your PC build.

The Most Competitive Edge

The Most Competitive Edge

NAND Acceleration

Upgrade to PCIe Gen4 x4 on next-gen 3D TLC NAND in a M.2 2280 NVMe form factor, and sequential read/write up to 5000/4400 MB/s.

Leading Performance

Dominate with a plug-and-play gaming storage boost that is backwards compatible with PCIe 3.0 platforms and AMD X570 chipset PCIe 4.0 motherboards.

Enviable Endurance

Take advantage of a 5-year limited warranty, 1.8M hours MTBF, and up to 3600TB TBW (Total Bytes Written).

Level Up to Impressive

Standard drives won't help you level up because they aren't made for the sustained abuse of top-tier gaming.

FireCuda 510 SSD delivers durable speed for the long haul, and provides fast PC gaming storage speeds so you spend less time loading levels and maps, fewer seconds respawning, and reduced stuttering in open-world gaming.

Game Like a Pro

Game Like a Pro

Boss Level Speed

Unleash PCIe G3 x4, NVMe 1.3 speeds up to 6× faster than SATA SSD, and sequential read/writes up to 3450/3200 MB/s.

Gaming Versatility

Upgrade your gaming laptop or PC with a super slim M.2 2280 internal SSD, in capacities up to 2TB.

Future Reliability

Leverage an internal solid-state drive built for 1.8M hours MTBF and up to 3600TB TBW (Total Bytes Written).

A Winning Duo

Our FireCuda 520 and FireCuda 510 solid-state drives are built to provide you with more cores, more cache, more tech, and more I/O. Both PC gaming drives are out-of-the-box compatible with the latest generation of powerful AMD Ryzen processors.

Pair a 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Desktop Processor with the new FireCuda 520 to unlock true PCIe Gen4 speeds for the ultimate PC gaming builds.

Centralise Your BattleStation

Centralise Your BattleStation

Level up your laptop gaming experience with FireCuda Gaming Dock-an elite 4TB Thunderbolt 3 storage hub equipped with an array of ports and killer looks so that you can organise your space, connect your peripherals, and complement your rig.

Speed Up Your Creativity.

The speed and durability of these solid-state drives make them a great solution for creative professionals who need files processed faster.

Sequential read/write speeds can handle multiple video streams writing to the drives, and high IOPS ensure consistently smooth streaming.

Benefit from SeaTools

Benefit from SeaTools

SeaTools SSD is our free software that tests and analyses drives. It is completely data safe and easily installs on your system.

Features include:
- Drive health monitoring
- Drive performance monitoring
- Firmware and software updates

Insure Your Drive

A Rescue Data Recovery Services plan is available for purchase when you register your FireCuda drive.1 You'll have access to a global team of world-class data recovery experts in case of unexpected data loss.

1. Rescue Data Recovery Services plans are not available in all countries. Please contact your Seagate sales representative for further details.