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**ENDED** ADATA SSD Giveaway -- 23/03

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Forum Description: Enter for the chance to win great freebies from the best brands in the industry
Printed Date: 30/Nov/2021 at 08:41

Topic: **ENDED** ADATA SSD Giveaway -- 23/03
Posted By: Dave
Subject: **ENDED** ADATA SSD Giveaway -- 23/03
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:39

Hi all!

Another giveaway for you guys! We are giving away 2 X ADATA SU650 120GB SSDs.

To enter, all you need to do is reply to this thread and we'll randomly pick 2 winners in 7 days!

Giveaway ends: 30/03/2021




Posted By: Chrome
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:45
Hi Dave, SSDs are fun right?

Posted By: Kgxkwk
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:46
Random? Okay, Let's have a first post on the forums then :D

Posted By: MoonMan
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:48
I just spent a bunch on upgrading my ssd for my main rig, I still need to save to redo my old laptop as a server machine, but an ssd is the main thing I need to upgrade it with lol.

Posted By: Crunchy_Cookies
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:48

- Crunchy_Cookies 🍪 - CyberPower UK Discord /Forum Mod

Posted By: budai.zltn
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:49
Random entry.

Posted By: Pawel328
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:50
Count me in.

Posted By: Leexgx
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:55
Should be perfect for my router pc (doesn't need a big drive)

Posted By: Sirjackk
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:55

Posted By: Ind3h
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:56
Would love one!Clap

Posted By: Ollehhhh
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 13:59

Posted By: SimonAllum
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:00
Yes please!!!!!

Posted By: Shoga
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:01
As the most eccentric Apex legend says "faster, faster, faster"

Posted By: meganegriffith
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:05
May as well give it a go! Good luck everyone!

Posted By: Silly
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:10
good luck everyone!

Posted By: alex23nx
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:18
Let`s Goooo!! GL every1

Posted By: MikeCamel
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:20
I live SSDs!

Posted By: moizhaq99
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:20
hope i win! :)

Posted By: fisher360
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:23
Nice, Could do with some more storageWink

Posted By: DSadler
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:23
Gimme gimme gimme

Posted By: DJMaiZi
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:26
I got the PC during the first lockdown and I've wanted to upgrade it for a while but pretty much the whole time I've had the PC I've been on lockdown. This would be an amazing upgrade 🔥 Hope I win, good luck everyone !!

Posted By: Lucian_Arkright
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:27
This would be nice to refresh a couple of older PCs around the house!

Posted By: jambon97
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:37

Posted By: Psveagle
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:40
Love a good giveaway, bless you cyberpower

Posted By: skelite21
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:41
I need pls. ;)

Posted By: DonPad
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:41
I just purchased with yourselves and loving my new machine would be fantastic if i could get some extra SSD space. Thanks.

Posted By: Baron
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:43
worth a shot thank you :)

Posted By: Cristidragne
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:49
I would like this one

Posted By: GRydzik1
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 14:59
Ooh! That'd be sick! Clap

Posted By: Adam686
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 15:14
I'm in, thank you!

Posted By: verk
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 15:18
Would be perfect for a Windows olu drive

Posted By: adoppelgro
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 15:21

Posted By: ItzJake2001
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 15:49
Lemme win this Smile

Posted By: BradleyBear
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 16:25
Needing more room!!

Posted By: Toastedsoldier
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 16:34

Posted By: Jakkubatx
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 17:00
Im starting to run out of space so an SSD would help me out a ton

Posted By: JWhite324
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 17:03
Good luck to everyone and god bless! EmbarrassedStarStarStar

Posted By: The_Friar
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 17:11
I'm in Smile

Posted By: DaftJeans
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 17:34
Nice 👍

Posted By: jinx86
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 17:35
Fix my loading times pls Wink

Posted By: racecardriverrr
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 18:03
Why did I only chose a 500gb ssd in my pc  Disapprove

Posted By: zaydola
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 18:40
Yay for SSD's.

Posted By: Chroniane
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 18:41
Great giveaway

Posted By: Luigidesimone
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 19:07
damm would be nice Clap

Posted By: ghan90
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 19:13
good luck everyone!

Posted By: ScottM
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 19:18
Thanks for the giveaway!

Posted By: hpd1998
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 19:20
Count me in... Hug

Posted By: Xolo69
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 19:26

Posted By: ArchieG
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 20:04

Posted By: flashgamer200
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 20:07
Good luck all

Posted By: Ginstar
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 20:46
StarAwesome new give away! Would love to add these to my setup!Smile 

StarGood Luck everyone!

Posted By: Strachan1984
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 21:05
Would love this Smile

Posted By: HB
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 21:49
This looks cool

Posted By: Realfruitjuice
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 21:52
As my random post I've randomly chosen a random quote:

'The truth is, of course, that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.'
-David Bowie 

Posted By: SimbaSimmons
Date Posted: 23/Mar/2021 at 23:27
My HDD is dying so this would be hella nice to win! Wish me luck

Posted By: Danielp1221
Date Posted: 24/Mar/2021 at 00:37
Hopefully I'll win! Good luck everyone

Posted By: flemmal
Date Posted: 24/Mar/2021 at 05:02
Fingers crossed :D :)

Posted By: MisterBurnzy
Date Posted: 24/Mar/2021 at 10:32
Good luck all 😃🍻

Posted By: pettersuk
Date Posted: 24/Mar/2021 at 14:52
Gimmmmeeee thaaattt !!! ClapCry

Posted By: Mrvitto
Date Posted: 24/Mar/2021 at 19:05
Id happily take a new ssd for more game storage :)Smile

Posted By: retard101
Date Posted: 24/Mar/2021 at 19:44
post post post

Posted By: Aidan-Howard
Date Posted: 25/Mar/2021 at 03:38
yeeeeeees please!

Posted By: MikeA96
Date Posted: 29/Mar/2021 at 22:18
Im in it to win it! Good luck all

Posted By: dextershort99
Date Posted: 29/Mar/2021 at 22:34
Count me in!

Good luck everyone!

Posted By: Dave
Date Posted: 30/Mar/2021 at 17:37
Congrats guys!

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