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noob question about overclocking and overvoltage

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Topic: noob question about overclocking and overvoltage
Posted By: bearbles2
Subject: noob question about overclocking and overvoltage
Date Posted: 10/Oct/2020 at 11:24
To become certain about lifespan of modern electronics, I want to ask some question about overvolting and temp to check which actually kills the electronics

Assume I magically overclocked my CPU without any increase in voltage to 100 ghz (or maybe slightly increased voltage). Is there any chance for my intel/AMD cpu to be burnt just to run in high speed? I did not overvolt so the temp is within 60C-70C.

2) Let's say I overvolted the CPU a 'little'. So 2volt, or 2.5volt (which is a lot). Then I checked the temperature of CPU and VRM it was below 70-75C. the question is, will the CPU die because of overvolting withint temp limit? I had an assumption that VRM will die just because of over current flow but CPU will die almost exclusively because of temp.

2b) Let's say I overvolted a by a mile, 5 volt :P Somehow the CPU and Mobo temp didn't go too high because magic. Will the CPU die? How about VRM? Capacitors?

3) repeat question 1 for GPU, lets say I overclocked 1080Ti to 7000 mhz core clock 70000 on mem clock without overvolting anything, thnx to magic I actually undervolt the card a little bit, games are not showing any artifact, will the gpu die?

3b) same as 3a, but say the games are showing artifacts, temps are under control, no voltage changed.

3c) what if I undervolt a graphics card heavily, performance and coreclock somehow remains acceptable, can that damage a graphics card's VRM?

4) repeat question 2 and 2b for GPU. overvolting but temperature of chip, vram and VRM is acceptable, which component of the GPU die?

5) repeat question 1 and 2 for a cellphone, like oneplus seven or any ARM device. Ignore battery drain.

Posted By: Dave
Date Posted: 13/Oct/2020 at 17:43

Unfortunately as overclocking can and will void your warranty it's not something we are going to suggest or advise on.

Should you wish to do so and risk voiding your warranty you would need to look elsewhere regarding this matter.

Apologies I couldn't be of better help.

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