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Performance, reliability, and capacity - all in a single, affordable PC drive

Performance, reliability, and capacity - all in a single, affordable PC drive

Take your PC to a new level of responsiveness and reliability. Designed for work and play, Solidigm SSDs deliver excellent storage for any application with exceptional reliability and power efficiency.

660p Series

660p Series

The 660p Series offers great value for everyday use, with a balance of price and performance.

P41 Plus Series

P41 Plus Series

Reliable, energy efficient, and competitively priced, the P41 Plus delivers exceptional PCIe Generation 4 storage optimized for real-world workloads.

P44 Pro Series

P44 Pro Series

The P44 delivers spectacular PCIe Generation 4 performance. With up to 7000 MB/s sequential read speeds, the P44 Pro is a winning combination of speed and efficiency in a compact M.2 form factor.

Solidigm Synergy Software

There are two components of Solidigm Synergy, both optional but highly recommended:

- The Solidigm Storage Driver automatically and invisibly boosts performance by making "under-the-hood" improvements to the connection between SSD and host system.
- The Solidigm Storage Tool offers a modern user interface for drive health and information reporting, plus the ability to manually trigger useful functions such as Diagnostic Scan and Secure Erase.

Solidigm Synergy is a free software suite for personal computers running Microsoft Windows that unlocks innovative features on Solidigm SSDs by closing the gap between the storage device and the rest of the system��enabling a more optimized user experience than hardware alone can provide.

Core Innovations

1. Media
QLC NAND technology offers the best price-performance profile, making new levels of responsiveness available to a wider variety of PC users.

2. Form factor
Solidigm SSDs squeeze up to 2TB of storage on a single-sided M.2 device, for great performance in thin, streamlined devices such as ultralight laptops.

3. Tuned for real-world workloads
Our drives are engineered to deliver the best performance where it matters to enhance the user experience during frequent activities, such as launching applications and loading files.

4. Power efficiency
Solidigm SSDs are optimized for energy efficiency to ensure better battery life across all types of mobile devices.

High-capacity NVMe SSDs for everyday computing

The PC has evolved to reach performance levels once thought unachievable. But the ultimate measure of innovation is the real-world experience of users-whether they are working, playing, or creating content.

- Accomplish more. Work and stay productive on data-intensive applications with performance that supports read/write tasks.
- Play more. Enjoy each new level while gaming with reduced load times and accelerated performance.
- Create more. Design, edit, and save graphics, photos, videos, and more with high capacity and responsiveness.

Optimising data storage with better performance and value

We understand that PC users want to use and store data at a rate that is growing immensely, year by year. Worldwide, the amount of stored data is expected to increase 19.2 percent from 2020 to 2025.[i] It's not a surprising trend, as some of the most popular marquee game titles weigh in at 100GB and beyond.[ii]

Solidigm draws on decades of technical innovation meet and exceed expectations when helping customers overcome their biggest data storage challenges. Our portfolio of SSD storage solutions offers industry-leading quality and reliability for work, play, and everything in between.