Send in your own Case

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If you already have the case you'd like to use in your system, you can send that case to us, we'll gladly use it to build your machine! There are a few things to keep in mind if you choose this option so please read through the following and confirm you're happy before continuing:

    1) For packaging purposes your case needs to be no larger than 63cm X 30cm X 65cm and no heavier than 25KG; please note for cases which are larger we reserve the right to charge a delivery surcharge (for example where we would need to send your system by pallet rather than courier)
    2) When you place your order please state the make and model of your case in the notes
    3) Once your order is placed and payment has been processed, please send your case to us. We cannot arrange collection for this; you must use your own choice of courier, we recommend using an insured service, and we cannot be responsible for any damage or loss suffered during transit
    4) We reserve the right not to use your case's original packaging when it's time to ship your system back to you
    5) In the event your case proves to be unsuitable for production, for any reason, then the responsibility for arranging collection of your case lies with you
    6) Since you're sending your case to us, please take care to ensure your chosen system components fit the case you're sending to us; this is your responsibility and we cannot be responsible for delays caused by errors made at this stage
    7) Please note, when opting for this service, you cannot order any Fast Track services and our production can only begin after we have received your case. Once we have your case then production would usually be 5-7 days though, of course, we endeavour to speed this up wherever possible.

If you're happy then please continue. When you send your system please send it to the following address with a label on the outside of the packaging clearly displaying your order number. Please note any parcels which do not display an order number may be rejected and, as above, we cannot be responsible for any delays or loss. The address to send your case to is:

Cyberpower UK (SIYOC)
Order Reference: XXXXXX
Unit B11 Kingsway Interchange
Eleventh Avenue
Team Valley Trading Estate
Tyne and Wear
NE11 0JY
*** This specification is subject to change without notice. Please look up manufacture specification for detail reference. We are not responsible for typo or graphical errors. All typographical errors are subject to correction. ***