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Fang Thinity

The Fang Series Trinity is definitely anything but ordinary. This gaming desktop is not only a stunning work of art in design, but packs innovative features to go along with that pretty looking body. The Trinity splits a full gaming PC build into three parts as its design and, in doing so, gives maximum cooling to each compartments. Two blades act as base so you can orient the Trinity's front I/O ports and optical drive to your satisfaction.

Though attractively designed, the Trinity is also a rugged and sturdy case. Each of the steel blades weighs 10lbs to give the Trinity its solid foundations and balance to stand it on 1 blade - if you so desire. The Hexagonal aluminum rod interconnects all three blades that also serves to provide cable management which conveniently comes pre-wired.

The default top blade by design, this houses the graphic processing unit or video card. The Trinity supports full size video cards up to 11'' in length including NVIDIA's GeForce® GTX Titan X and AMD's Radeon R9 series. The Fang Trinity doesn't just look beautiful, but renders graphics and gameplay beautifully.

Rotating the Trinity counter-clockwise brings the "CPU Blade" to the top. The Fang Trinity is compatible with mini ITX motherboards with both Intel and AMD chipsets, and supports up to 16GB of DDR3 memory and the latest processor technology so you can power through all of the latest games and demanding applications. The Trinity also supports 120mm liquid cooling for the CPU, so you won't have to worry about heat.

Despite the strange form factor, Trinity can actually house an enormous amount of hardware. In addition to full-sized, high-output ATX power supplies, the "Storage Blade" in the Trinity can accommodate up to 3 SSDs 2 mechanical hard drives in addition to a slim optical drive if desired.

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