Venom X Corsair

Corsair case

Corsair memory, power supplies, liquid cooling, and peripherals

Corsair parts

All three VenomX Corsair desktops feature the highest-quality and performance Corsair memory, 80 Plus power supplies and liquid cooling solutions. Optional Corsair Gaming peripherals, like the Corsair Gaming K30 keyboard and ergonomic M65 mouse, are an excellent way to round out the complete PC gaming experience with VenomX Corsair desktops.

powerful venomx corsair desktops

Venom X Vengeance SE

The Venom X Vengeance SE desktop is a Mid tower powerhouse in a case designed to fit all the latest high-end components. The clear side window is illuminated with a the red glow from the LED strip and will let you have the perfect view of the Pro Wiring which comes as standard on all Venom X PC's.

Venom X Vengeance Elite

Stepping up a level to the Venom X Vengeance Elite desktop adds support for full-sized ATX motherboards and the extra features and upgradeability they provide. The Corsair Obsidian 450D used on the Venom X Vengeance Elite is a super sleek chassis with compatibility for all of the latest and greatest hardware that provides excellent airflow to your components. With a sturdy steel frame and stylish brushed aluminum finishes, the mid-tower Venom X Vengeance Elite desktop has the looks to match the gaming performance you can expect from this beastly machine.

Venom X Vengeance Pro

For those who prefer the full-tilt, no-holds-barred approach when it comes to their next gaming PC, the Venom X Vengeance Pro is the way to go. Built in the spacious and luxurious Corsair Obsidian 750D chassis, this full-tower desktop can accommodate any graphics, storage, processing, and cooling configuration you can think of. Super high-end gaming PCs no longer have to be unruly behemoths under your desk - with the Venom X Vengeance Pro and Obsidian 750D chassis, they can be sleek and ominous while retaining the same level of unadulterated performance.

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