Hyper Liquid

Hyper Liquid
Case Inside

Hyperize Your Rig

At CyberPowerPC we want our customers to have the most OP system on the planet, the kind that make your friends green with envy.

We already offer the best hardware so we wanted to develop a range of systems which will deliver maximum performance, run extremely cool and quiet, and hyperize them with a burst of colour like no other.

  • 1) Radiator
  • 2) High Airflow Fans
  • 3) CPU block
  • 4) Hyper-colour Coolant
  • 5) GPU block
  • 6) Reservoir
  • 7) Clear Rigid Tubes
  • 8) Efficient High Flow Pump
  • 9) RGB LED Lighting

Thoroughbred Design

Like the finest race horses you want to know what you get for your money, will it be a front runner for years to come?
The components selected for each Hyper Liquid system are not just to look pretty but to keep your rig in tip top conditions for years on end.

Liquid cooling is a proven component to extend the life of CPU's and GPU's as they run cooler and are more efficient against air cooled alternatives.
The Pump / reservoir unit sends the liquid around the whole custom loop to disperse the heat as efficiently as possible, with powerful fans to vent out through the radiator. A factory fitted GPU block allows the water to be dispersed in milliseconds around the whole GPU, the CPU block offers a quick and efficient bypass from the pump to get the heat away from the hottest component in a Gaming PC.

Rest assured your thoroughbred will be working for years at the top of the field and it won't let you down at a crucial time.

colours & Types

Look and Feel

Buying a Hyper Liquid PC is a statement of intent, it shows you are as passionate about Gaming PC's and there components as we are.
Our Hyper Liquid range is fully customisable and has more colour and lighting choices than any other Cyberpower PC. Stand out from the crowds with a colour that will reflect your gaming style and status.
Choice of liquid, are you a shocking Red or a moody Blue? With a RGB strip light you can choose to change as suits your mood with 16 million colours to choose from!

It doesn't just stop there though, you can also get matching LED lighting, Braided colour power cables, fan trims and leds and much more. We have so many options, you will be sure to find a system that's perfect for you.

See The Real Difference

Liquid cooling is proven to cool CPU's down more than air coolers, and a Hyper Liquid cooling system can cool up to 14% better than a Corsair H55 cooler on an overclocked CPU.
Combined with the fact that a Hyper Liquid cooling system can cool a GPU down by over 27% more than a standard GPU cooler the benefits of buying a Hyper Liquid system are easily justifiable.
*CPU temperatures were recorded running Prime95, GPU temperatures were taken using Unigine Valley Benchmark.

CPU Temperature Chart
Hyper Liquid

The Best Brands In Cooling Tech

We offer the best and largest selection of cooling hardware from radiators to reservoirs to pumps to coolant, all the way down to connectors, we have it all.

EKWB X5PC akasa Mayhems Thermaltake DeepCool phobya Corsair ocool

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