Arcus 34 Series

All-In-One Gaming System

Arcus34 Series

Gone are the days of huge towering cases with the new Arcus 34" Series. This powerful all-in-one computer allows gamers and casual players alike to view the smallest of details with its 34 inch screen. Image a television screen with the best resolution and crystal-clear pictures. Whether you are looking to watch shows, play games, or surf the internet, the Arcus 34" series excels at doing all.

34" Curved Screen

The prime feature of the Arcus is its 34" screen. Approaching the size of some television screens, this monitor allows its owners to see the smallest of details that a normal computer screen might dilute. In addition, the high resolution of the screen optimizes its performance to bring the best of both worlds.

Fully Loaded

In addition to the base hardware, Arcus 34 All-In-One gaming systems come with everything you need to start playing right out of the box including keyboard, mice, built-in speakers, built-in display and even a 1.3 megapixel webcam integrated into the unit.

Customizable Design

CyberPowerPC prides itself on allowing our customers to choose which parts they want in a computer, and our Arcus 34" series is no different. Despite the computer being in its own new category of all-in-one systems, it can easily fit the parts of a regular computer. Whether you are on a tight budget or looking to go all-out on parts, the Arcus can easily accommodate your needs.

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