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Customer Rating

Overall an excellent first time order experience would recommend them to anyone. Only thing that let this order down is the fact that the dvd drive doesnt seem to be connected but thats easily fixed. Great service guys thankyou

25/02/2017 10:41:44
Customer Rating

Overall fantastic experience, delivery wasnt perfect but this wasnt the companies fault, customer service response can be quite slow but give all the answers you need

25/02/2017 01:02:59
Customer Rating

Amazing all round would sum it up perfectly

24/02/2017 12:20:03
Customer Rating

Called up to offer me a better version which was a tiny bit cheaper, this was greatly appreciated, only thing I would say is that if you are a little unsure about certain things on the machine I didn't know what to do, would highly recommended these guys

22/02/2017 10:01:29
Customer Rating

Excellent build quality and service

22/02/2017 08:54:02
Customer Rating

When I phoned up with questions before I ordered the guy who answered was very helpful and when I picked up my new system the assistant was also very helpful to and the system was packed well and worked first time of asking and has run flawlessly since I couldn't ask for more very nicely done cyberpower :)

16/02/2017 17:38:07
Customer Rating

Only minor feedback points, an email or text as each stage of process would have been great. Only box not found was gfx card which was a shame as the would be something which could be sold in the future.

13/02/2017 17:23:45
Customer Rating

hi all quick and easy sale loads of contact and support throughout the sales to delivery excellent after sale adam

12/02/2017 11:16:28
Customer Rating

Very impressed with the customisable options on the site and live chat assistance. Received my new desktop PC quickly and in perfect condition. All around great experience, thanks.

10/02/2017 12:14:02
Customer Rating

very happy with personal assistance (phone & chat) during pre-sales. shipping and delivery to Belgium without problems and good service by DHL. appreciated the paypal payment option. so far so good -started testing the PC

06/02/2017 15:04:42
Customer Rating

Purchasing the build was easy enough and the staff were extremely helpful the whole way through. My only complaint would be regarding my CPU Fan which struck an error the day after it was turned on for the first time. Tech support were helpful and swift in their response, but I'm not sure the error is fixed, rather just ignored.

06/02/2017 14:37:59
Customer Rating

SSDs are very expensive.

05/02/2017 16:30:26
Customer Rating

An easy to use website together with a large choice plus excellent build quality and sales makes cyberpower an instant hit.

03/02/2017 16:20:53
Customer Rating

Expected nothing less. Excellent service. Only thing was forking out 75 quid for windows but had to be done.

03/02/2017 11:11:56
Customer Rating

The computer is noisier than expected. The fans run all of the time.

31/01/2017 11:06:12
Customer Rating

Only thing I have to say is that they could have notified me about had you have to leave a watercooled metal system to room temperature since during travel they have a big build up of condensation only complaint really.

30/01/2017 22:14:13
Customer Rating

Have a V.A.T number from our business but nowhere on the site allowed me to enter it. After payment i Emailed about it and was told that because i paid with a different card that there was nothing they could do. That cost me an extra £300. Felt it really should of been a big deal . pretty pee'd off about it to be honest. Website could do with more information regarding the options when customizing your build. Paid for the professional wiring, its good but some parts of it are just lazy (wires from the LEDs) Want to say a thank you to Leah on your facebook page, she was very helpful. Overall good experience but the V.A.T. issue has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. Jason, Ireland.

30/01/2017 22:09:00
Customer Rating

Excellent service from cyberpower and Alan in sales who was very helpful with the advice on the configuration of the desktop .Would not hesitate to buy from cyberpower again or recommend

30/01/2017 20:10:29
Customer Rating

CBS were exemplary in their customer service, range of parts and overall support. In comparison to other websites, I found that different options were explained much more clearly and I felt armed with greater information over my choice. In addition, the customer service team were extremely helpful in helping me to tweak my build so that I could minimise noise output. They had very good knowledge of what cases would be possible and of the alternative options open to me. This is the second custom PC I have purchased from CBS and I will be using them again in the future.

30/01/2017 14:57:56
Customer Rating


27/01/2017 17:37:43
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