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Who is Cyberpower? Originally founded in the United States, Cyberpower Inc is one of the leading brands in the competitive US computer market. With vast global backing from leading technology brands such as Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Asus and Microsoft etc, we aim to deliver the most up to date hardware for your needs at wholesale prices, and bring the well renowned name of Cyberpower Inc to the UK. With vision, commitment and determination we can manufacture a vast range of custom built PC systems to suit the needs of any individual or company. Our PC systems are built with up-most care and attention as we strive towards making this not just our profession, but our obsession.

What can Cyberpower do for you? With our massive global contact list of manufacturers, we can literally build a PC for every need possible. Ranging from the ultimate gaming rig, to the stand alone office system, we endeavour to create the best possible PC system for your needs, and importantly your budget. With our extensive list of component choices, we guarantee you will be able to create the PC of your dreams, exactly how you imagined it to be!

What do Cyberpower offer? Every custom built PC with us carries our 3 year warranty as standard, with a national rate technical helpline, you can be sure you will never be left in the dark without help. Our customer service team are highly regarded as the best in the business and will help with any enquiries you may have with your system. Our sales team are trained with the customer in mind and will be 100% confident that you will be happy with the PC system from us. It is the Sales team who will make sure that you are not paying for any parts you may not use in the PC system, and give you peace of mind that you are paying the best possible prices for exactly what you want. Our technical support staff are highly trained to detect and diagnose if your problem is hardware or software related, in the quickest time possible and offer options to quickly get you up and running again, with the least downtime. These PC systems we offer are not available to purchase from the shops, so can be considered unique, and have the wow factor to impress your friends and family alike. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can create the PC of your dreams, using industry standard components from well respected brands, and hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Why should I buy from Cyberpower? Every PC sold by us has an accompanying feedback questionnaire for customers to share views, and experiences when buying from us. Please feel free to have a read through some of them here and we hope these speak volumes of our service. Our customer feedback and reviews are paramount to us and we believe it is important to share these experiences for everyone to see. A number of our feedback testimonials are from returning customers who are happy to recommend us, and we hope you could be one too!

Is Cyberpower one of the most respected manufacturers in the UK? Yes we are! We have many global partners in the hardware and software industry helping us to provide the best of new technology and easiest ways to use this technology in your home or office. We are a registered, certified partner of Microsoft Click Here which shows our determination to provide the best training and skills in our industry. We are also Premier Provider of Intel, Click Here , which means we can be always on the ball with the latest technology and leave the rest of the industry behind!


OK, I want a PC from Cyberpower, What do I do? It's easy! Just click on the configurations available and build your PC right from the comfort of your own home. We will build it, test it and deliver it to your doorstep with minimum fuss so all you need to do is turn your dreams into reality and design it on our website. Our configurations have the most component choices available in the UK, so you will be sure to find what you are looking for. If you need help then use our forums for advice from our friendly forum staff and community, or give our helpful sales staff a call to assist you with your choices.

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