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The third generation of Fang is here and it's meaner, faster, and bolder than ever. Experience immersive high definition gaming like never before with Fang III. You won't skip a beat with unending and unparalleled power at your fingertips that readily handles all the latest games and giving you the performance edge to dominate your opponents. When the killing stops, you come out on top. FTW.

Speed is the key and the Fang III series of gaming PCs heavily focuses on just that. With the latest generation of Intel Core™ i7 processors and chipset that support blazing fast dual channel or quad channel memory, PCIe 3.0 motherboards, M.2-ready connections, you're ensured a gaming system that will deliver FPS crushing performance for years to come.

Like all CYBERPOWERPC and previous Fang Series gaming PCs, every single CYBERPOWERPC gaming system is skilfully handcrafted and assembled in the UK. Every system is meticulously built including precise cable routing to ensure optimal airflow for your gaming PC and a clean aesthetic appearance.

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The Ultimate Performance

Processor Graphics Liquid Cooling

For the ultimate experience in gaming performance, look no further than systems powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processors. Our Fang III series gaming PCs are powered by Intel's X99 platform and Haswell-E CPUs, as well as the latest Z170 chipset and 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors. From smart and efficient quad-core CPUs to massive eight-core Extreme Edition monsters, Intel® Core™ processors provide benchmark shattering performance and power.

Enhance the already scorching speeds of Intel® Core™ processors with CYBERPOWERPC's overclocking comes standard on all Fang III series PCs.

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Oculous rift headset

You can't have an ultimate gaming machine without the video cards to back that up. CYBERPOWERPC Fang III gaming systems feature the latest scorching fast video cards from NVIDIA and AMD. Customize and configure your reptilian beast with these ultra-fast GPUs and experience the heart-pounding cinematic visuals on the latest games with DirectX12 support.

Dive into the game and immerse yourself with multi-monitor setups, 4K gaming displays, and the latest Virtual Reality headsets from Oculus Rift. NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX or AMD Radeon graphics are ready to deliver smooth and seamless gaming experience.


Keeping the Reptilian beasts cooled is no easy matter. The CYBERPOWERPC Raystorm and Advanced MKII liquid cooling kit is deployed to ensure that every Fang III system is cooled under maximum loads. The Advanced MKII kit features all new redesigned components - from the CPU block and fittings, to the radiator and reservoir/pump housing. Keeping the CPU cooled is the new XSPC RayStorm Chrome CPU block that provides enhance heat dissipation and provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The dual 5.25" bay reservoir and pump from the previous Advanced WC kit gets upgraded to a D5 pump setup that vastly improves liquid circulation. Lastly a new XSPC AX series radiator with increased surface area and enhanced fin design houses more liquid and provides superior cooling.

Liquid Cooling

High-End Gaming Chassis

Long known as the corner stone of the Fang III Series, the Black Mamba is housed in the double cased Corsair 900D chassis which can house a gaming beast as well as a subtle 2nd system for media streaming. The Fang III Viper and Rattler have been promoted to the Corsair 750D chassis for a quality Corsair design and look which can house a multitude of cooling options. If silent gaming is your thing why not pair up with matching Corsair SP120 quiet case fans. Whichever Fang III series system you choose quality is assured in all components but with an added bite!

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